Management Ideology

Mplus F&C Corporation is making our dreams come true.

Customer-oriented enterprise with the sustainability of 100 years

  • Management Innovation

    Establish a virtuous cycle of management system through value management

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Manufacture products trusted by customers

    Listen to the customer's voice with an open mind

  • Quality Innovation

    Research and develop with professional honesty

    Create differentiated value with expertise and a sense of mission

Our Value Management

  • UP (To Be)

    01. Profit We will make profit with dignity and responsible management.

    02. Culture We will take the lead in creating an advanced management culture to become a friendly company in which people want to work .

    03. Integrity We will be a company with sound integrity that abides by ethics and conscience.

  • DOWN (Not To Be)

    01. Document We will avoid document-oriented management and seek field-oriented management.

    02. Procedure We will streamline the process to be adaptive to the current environment.

    03. Cost We will comply with the regulations and reduce unnecessary expenses.